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Home Automation

Automating Your Home

Having a central location where all your cable boxes and Technology stay out of sight
is vital to your Home having that clean look and feel! Make sure your Technology is effective .
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Business Services

We service all brands of computers & servers for small businesses including installation, acquisition, consulting and supporting various manufactures.

Home Automation

Control your home from your phone. We can setup and automate your Lighting Systems, Shading & Drapery Systems, Audio/Video Systems, Home Theaters, Climate Control, Low-Voltage wiring, Security & Surveillance Systems, Telecommunications, and Data Networks. We make your home come to life!


Networking your office properly is vital to business now. Having one central location for your active data and multiple locations for backing up your data should be your primary concerns.


At KANE PC, we know how frustrating technology based problems can be, which is why we strive to provide our clients with practical and permanent solutions while keeping costs to a minimum.  We provide onsite and remote technical support as well as equipment sales for small to medium sized businesses and home users in the New York metro area.

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We provide support for various technologies and brands of Computers, Servers, Networking and Data Recovery.

This is our specialty, we have been doing this for over 10 years and continue to strive to exceed our clients expectations. Support Now